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Life and savings

As an associated insurance-banking operator, Banca March offers you all the protection you and your family need to cover any circumstance.

With the wide selection of products we offer, you will be able to save for your future, enjoy an income on your retirement or know that your financial stability and that of your family are guaranteed in the event of any unforeseen circumstance.

March Vida Studies

The best investment for your family: training.

With March Vida Studies, you will find a way of saving that is convenient, easy and secure so that your loved ones can achieve what they most want.

March Vida Savings

Savings with guaranteed returns.

Taking out the March Vida Savings is a way of saving a little at a time and obtaining guaranteed returns from the very first euro.

March Vida Pension Plus+

The perfect complement to your retirement

March Vida Pension Plus is a product for the over-55s so that they can enjoy a lifelong monthly income.

March Vida Insured Pension Scheme (PPA)

Tax benefits with guaranteed returns.

Save for your retirement with the best tax benefits and with a guaranteed interest rate.

March Vida Individual Systematic Savings Plan (PIAS)

Save little by little with high returns from the first euro.

Access your savings at any time and obtain guaranteed returns from the first euro.

March Vida MultiDepósitos, Unit Link

Unit linked life insurance that focuses on investment with a small additional cover for death, in which the contributions made are invested in Banca March deposits.

March Vida MultiFondos, Unit Link

Enjoy an investment adapted to your profile.

Banca March distributes insurances as an associated insurance-banking operator.
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